For a long time I wrote poetry, almost exclusively for me. As a way to slow down and connect with my deeply personal and complex inner world. I find it healing, cathartic, revealing and redemptive. It has become one of many tools for transformation and healing that I use. I quickly start to see the good and beauty in my experience regardless of how dark or painful it might have felt or occurred to me. Some of these pieces are spiritual in nature, some tell a story of redemption, some are haunting … all are a window into my soul. May these pieces move you, inspire you, mirror you, haunt you and connect with you. My hope is that by revealing a bit into my inner world, you’ll allow me into yours. I’ve traveled  far and wide into many places within the inner terrain. It would be my honor to walk with you through yours and share in the mystery, pain, joy and growth of life. You are not alone, the entire breadth of your experience is relevant, important and matters.